As a seasoned blogger, there are several ways to make money from your website. There are of course sponsored posts, advertisements, writing ebooks and courses.

These revenue streams are just around the corner for you and I know soon you will be making a living from your blog income.

The Fastest Way To Make Money From A Small Blog

But for now, most of those efforts require a relatively large number of pageviews, something you don’t have as a brand new blogger… yet. 

The Fastest Way To Make Money From A Small Blog

You do however, want to make some money from this new project of yours and you should. So here is the fastest way to make money from a new, small blog.

Affiliate sales.

Here’s why… paid ads are calculated based on how many people visit your site each month. Sponsored posts are paid also on pageviews combined with social numbers (how many people you will reach on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.) When your blog is small and you only have a few hundred readers you aren’t looking to make much of anything from those revenues.

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However, it doesn’t take very many readers to earn big profit when you recommend to them something you love and something they just have to have.

Let’s calculate the numbers here. Let’s say you are an up and coming beauty blogger that has what you think is the world’s best facial mask sitting in your bathroom. It’s something you don’t know how you lived without.

You take a few photos of your skin before and after, discuss the ingredients, how it makes you feel, etc and then link to where someone that also wants clearer, smoother skin can buy it.

This face mask costs $62 and you will make $6.50 for every one you sell. All you need is 15 people to buy one to make $100 profit.

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Want to make an extra $1,000 just for talking about something you love and adore? Only 153 sales. With just a few hundred readers that trust you and your opinion, and that are interested in the same things you are, you can make money.

You can also tell people about other products that go along with a post topic.

I’ll give you an example from my own blog: I have a post about a simple DIY bath soak you can make at home that I think helps a lot when you are feeling sick from allergies. In that post – because I know people reading it are really interested in feeling better quick – I list a few items I use for my sinus ailments that they can buy on Amazon.

I am positive you can look at your own life and in your own home and find things you find to be incredibly helpful. Things you think everyone should have. Maybe it’s a kitchen gadget for making meal prep easier, the sleep course that got your baby to sleep all night or the book you couldn’t put down.

Help people find things they never knew they always wanted!

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The Fastest Way To Make Money From A Small Blog