Pinterest is one of the absolute best ways to grow your blog and drive traffic to your site.

I was one of the first people on this new site no one had ever heard of in 2010. Obviously as a brand new tool we had no clue what we were doing. My boards were named weird things and none of the images I had created were vertical – gasp! We were in this new world trying to navigate exactly what it was going to be.

Luckily, we now know just what to do with Pinterest. We know we need vertical images with beautiful photos and clearly readable text. Got it.

But how do we gain followers?

There are several ways to gain a few followers:

  • Put a Pinterest badge on your site and inside posts
  • Follow people in hopes they follow you back
  • Ask people in your other social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) to follow you
  • Host a giveaway with a Pinterest follow as an entry

I think you should be doing all of those things, but, I want to talk about the way to grow your Pinterest followers FAST.

Are you ready to start your own blog? You can follow my simple guide right here and I’ll walk you through it!

You need to pin all the time.

All the time? Like, all day long? Yep.

And no, I don’t mean pinning your own content over and over. I mean, pinning relevant content from anywhere and everywhere to your boards. Pinning things that are relevant to your core readers.

Example: If you’re a parenting blogger, you’re going to want several parenting-type boards that will be overflowing with great articles about raising kids. If you’re a food blogger, you want tons of recipe boards that you will fill with amazing food.

You’re right, that won’t drive traffic your site…yet, but it will drive up your follower numbers which will convert to pageviews.

Would you rather have a service do this automatically for you? There is one that works great, it’s called Board Booster and it will do all the work for you.

Pin a little in the morning, pin a little in the afternoon, pin a little at night.

You don’t need to be particularly methodical in how many you pin each time, but you need to be pinning at least 100 times a day. If you can do more, do more!

Before you say, whoa, wait a minute, that will take so much time. Let me remind you that this is fun. No one is asking you to do geometry, just to pin fun things on Pinterest. This is cool stuff! (And yeah, there’s always the Board Booster option.)

Make sure you have the Pinterest app on your phone and when you have down time just pull it up and pin a bunch of things. Waiting to pick up the kids from school, in line at the store, heck, while you’re using the bathroom!

Just PIN!

As of today I have a little over 40,000 followers on Pinterest, yet the average daily impressions is over 150,000. That means new people are seeing my pins!

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 4.12.04 PM

And that is the goal: to get your face (well, your Pinterest face) in front of as many people as possible.

Want to figure out what you’re doing wrong on Pinterest and how to fix it? Check out my totally free guide to show you exactly what to do!

If you’ve followed my tip and now you want to get crazy serious about rocking Pinterest and driving MORE traffic to your site, you should check out Pinning Perfect by the amazing Anna Luther of My Life And Kids. It’s a super awesome online course created just for bloggers and small business owners.  It’s perfect for beginner, intermediate, or advanced bloggers who want more traffic.


Liz Nieman