After years of blogging, I’m now friends with so many amazing people that make a full-time income from their blog. Not only that, but many of their spouses don’t work at all, meaning their blog covers every single expense! It’s amazing, really, that you can create a website and take care of your family from it.

5 Bloggers Who Turned Millionaires

What’s even more impressive though? What is completely and utterly INCREDIBLE are the bloggers who have turned themselves into millionaires.

Yes, millionaires.

And it isn’t just the big name guys like Perez Hilton and Ariana Huffington (the Huffington Post now reportedly generates $2,330,000 per month). They don’t all have their name in the press or a book deal or a television series (ie: The Pioneer Woman).

They could likely be someone you’ve never heard of before.

Number One

Pat Flynn. His blog is Smart Passive Income, a website for business owners and bloggers to learn how to make more passive income: income that doesn’t require an ongoing effort. It’s sort of a set it and forget it philosophy but doest take lots of hard work up front. He is full of the most amazing ideas and has a pretty fantastic podcast. He shares income reports on his blog and averages well over $100,000 every month.

Pat Flynn

Number Two

Gary Vaynerchuck. My guess is you might already know this guy, you probably follow him on Facebook and are already inspired by his viral videos. Gary had far surpassed a million dollars long before he got as famous as he is now. How? By creating a blog all about wine. Seems simple but Gary is a marketing genius who turned a love of wine into a now multi-million dollar company.

Number Three

Michelle Schroeder. Melissa runs Making Sense of Cents, a blog about paying off debt, saving money and making more of it. She also publishes monthly income reports and in 2016, hit the one million dollar mark. She’ll show you lots of new and interesting ways to make a dollar.

Michelle Schroeder

Number Four

Melyssa GriffinHer blog seeks to help people grow their website audience and make money online. She has some really fantastic courses you can take to get inside info on everything that has worked for her, but she also has lots of free tips that are brilliant. Her income for December 2016? $283,680. Just in one month.

Melyssa Griffin

Number Five

Jon Morrow. This one is my favorite… he has inspired me the most over my blogging journey. You can read more of his story here, but he quit his job to blog when he was hit with a car going 85 miles an hour and broke his legs in 14 places. Also? He already had Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He can’t move from the neck down. He was drowning in debt and decided to change it by doing something crazy, starting a blog.

Jon Morrow

Will you make a million dollars blogging this year? Well, I don’t know. I know it’s hard and it won’t happen for everyone. But what about half of that? Or three-quarters? Those are still life-changing numbers.

And do you know what is so damn exciting about this list? Seeing people do incredible things shows us that it’s possible for US to do incredible things!

So what are you waiting for? Will I be adding you to this list next year? If you’re like, I’d love to but I just don’t know where to start that’s cool, I’ll show you how. Just follow my simple guide right here and I’ll walk you through it. Then stick around here for more beginner tips.

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